21 May

Elm Solutions becomes a Klir company and turns to product development

Irish-based IT Services firm remains the consulting arm of Klir in Ireland, while the team plans the launch of a regulatory compliance platform to US customers.

So that’s it, the dream has come true: 2018 will be the year of Klir. Four years after starting Elm Solutions in a hotel meeting room, David and Elaine – the co-founders – are turning a page.

“It was always about the product”, reminisces Elaine Kelly, COO. When we started, we knew we wanted to achieve the dream of building a product that makes water safer.”

Having spent every waking hours of the past few years worrying, thinking, planning, innovating and dreaming about the future, they are now ready to take their venture to new heights. A bit of madness is key in such endeavours.

“Eight flights over four days across the US, Canada and Ireland wasn’t easy – especially when I was 5 months pregnant – but getting on a plane and meeting your users is critical to success”, says Elaine. And some sacrifices too. “Every entrepreneur whether a success or failure has to make sacrifices and we are no different. We are so privileged to be doing what we love and that’s why it doesn’t necessarily feel like a sacrifice. In saying that, it is without a doubt our friends, family and those closest to us that bear the brunt of it”, adds David Lynch, CEO.

Profitable Every Year

In only four years, Elm Solutions has managed to be profitable every year and is one of the very few Irish startups churning out an annual million Euro turnover. This is no mean feat. In this short time, they have established themselves as the experts in the field of regulatory compliance solutions with the utility and environmental sectors.

“Many organisations have singular expertise in technology or regulation. There is significant overhead on the customer’s part to up-skill these organisations on their specific needs. At Elm Solutions, we have the dual expertise in both regulation and technology”, explains David.

Our two co-founders have worked in Europe designing bespoke IT regulatory compliance solutions for nearly 10 years. Within Ireland, they have been involved in the design and implementation of most environmental and water management systems for regulators and utilities. These years of consulting experience have led them to understand intimately the environmental and compliance challenges encountered by utility and environmental organisations.

SaaS Offering

Based on this experience – and on market research – they are now preparing to launch a SaaS offering into the US market, so utilities and environmental organisations there can better address these challenges. This new regulatory compliance platform – the Klir platform – is a suite of cloud-based compliance software solutions that offer water utilities a more effective way to manage regulatory compliance data so that they can better quantify and mitigate true risks to the environment and human health. And ultimately make water safer, quicker.
How? Klir captures all regulatory and compliance data together into one platform – a single source of truth that provides accurate data across the entire organisation, which end-users can trust and act on. Integrated regulatory compliance data management, analysis and sharing supports better decision-making for a maximised and sustainable management of a utility’s assets and resources.

“It provides a one-stop-shop where users can see a real-time view of compliance and risk data at a glance, built on data sets from around the organisation. With this powerful tool, utilities will be able to manage their environmental compliance and regulation data holistically, to better meet both their strategic and operational objectives”, reveals Elaine.

Perfect blend of compliance and technical expertise

Elm has come a long way as a company since their first year in the Foley Street office in North Dublin. David and Elaine have demonstrated an exceptional business partnership which has brought the growth and success it enjoys today. They now have the perfect blend of compliance, technical and creative expertise to develop exciting product experiences.

As for Elm Solutions in Ireland, it is business as usual.

“Elm, and Elm’s customers, are most important to us. We will continue to create the best solutions to meet our clients’ business and regulatory needs. And we aim to keep developing our expertise in that sector”, clarifies David.

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