24 Aug

Learning to Grow at Elm #GrowWithUs

Where do I even begin?

As an aspiring marketer, when I work on any project, I generally look for an end product and build towards that. I may as well keep up the same routine for this blog post.

This week at Elm we are beginning a marketing campaign titled ‘#GrowWithUs’. This campaign is what I have been working towards for the last 10 weeks, since I started at Elm Solutions, as the first ever marketing intern. The #GrowWithUs campaign will focus on raising the profile of Elm Solutions and will also focus on making people aware of the job opportunities we currently have available. We want to make individuals aware of how they can #GrowWithUs by becoming part of the Elm team.

As it is only Monday I cannot reveal too much but do keep an eye-out for our #GrowWithUs campaign across all our social media platforms from today. If you like what you see and what we at Elm solutions are trying to achieve give us a mention or a like on social media using the hashtag – #GrowWithUs!

With only 2 weeks left in my internship it is all systems go to finish on a high but to also leave this amazing company with good memories of me (!) and tangible benefits from my time here. Here is where I am going to shower praise on Elm and everyone within the company. Fortunately, I am not just saying this to be polite or so it will look good when the boss(es) read this. It is a genuine and heartfelt admission of my appreciation to everyone working in Elm. From the first time I walked into the cool little office in Dublin’s city centre, (as an innocent sap(ling) from Cork),  I felt welcome and valued. Moreover, I felt trusted. Going into Elm Solutions I had only 3 years of college behind me and 1 to go, yet everyone put their faith in me to deliver on the ideas I generated. This was not limited to the marketing side of things. While working at Elm I had many, many opportunities to branch out and help other Elm employees with various different projects that were on-going around me. For me, I could not think of a better place to grow my future and to expand my knowledge of various other categories of the professional world.

As well as that, I found that I began to listen to others in the office and developed a deeper sense of how appreciative they all were to be working here also. Never having worked in a large corporation, where most of the other employees had originally started, I had no concept of the confinement that is often (not always) felt in such establishments. . I am appreciative of the fact that my first taste of working life, was in a small start-up where every individual has the opportunity to contribute to various elements of the business, and each individual is so valued because the role they are carrying out is integral to the successful growth of the start-up.

I will be leaving Elm on Friday the 4th of September with a heavy heart but delighted to have had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience that I will always be grateful for.  Finally, I would just like to express my sincere thanks to everybody at Elm Solutions, especially Elaine and David, for taking me on and guiding my path for the past few weeks. I have grown in more ways than one, as has this fantastic company, and I would encourage any other person even considering a change (or just starting) in their career to look at Elm Solutions, not only as a place to work but as a place to grow.

  • Niamh is the very first marketing intern to join Elm solutions. She is currently studying in the Cork Institute of Technology and is about to enter her 4th and final year.