28 Aug

Being the First Employee – 1 Year On.

So here I am, the first and hopefully not the last, Elm employee to make it over the 1 year line! Today marks a year to the day that I walked into the office on Foley Street to a somewhat empty room. There was only one small bank of desks and only 3 office chairs but oh how we’ve grown since then.

Just over 12 months ago I had just finished college, worked a retail job in my local shopping centre and wanted nothing more than to have an “adult job”. But the big question on my mind and a question I was asked on a daily basis (usually by my ever-worrying parents)… “What do you want to do?” Having come out of college so young at the ripe age of 20, I never thought that 12 months down the line I would be in the position I am now. Working for Elm as a start-up for just one year has taught me more than any college course ever could have. It was a risk but one that was so worth it, and for me, I had absolutely nothing to lose and all of the experience to gain. The most appealing thing for me was that everyone else was starting from scratch too. It was a new company to everyone and that’s what made it work so well.

Being so involved in the initial forming of Elm has definitely been a highlight for me. There was no set processes in place, they had to be defined and learnt along the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everything grow and fall into place and I’m so glad that I can say that I was a part of it. There’s been ups, downs, laughter, stress, weddings, engagements, babies and so much more in just one year and it has been a pleasure to watch it all unfold.

And the brains behind the operations, are David and Elaine, who both took a big risk and a gamble on hiring me as office manager at the start. Someone who had no previous office experience (other than college), and was totally new to this “adult job” lark! I cannot thank them and the rest of my colleagues enough for the opportunities I’ve been given over the last year and hope to be sitting here saying the same thing in 10 years’ time.

My advice to anyone (young or old!) who is sitting at home thinking… “What do I want to do?” look at the less obvious options, they’re usually the best ones and you never know what’s just around the corner.

  • Emma studied Business Management in DIT. She is our office manager and is always at the end of the phone or in the office to help out!