02 Nov

5 best meeting and work spots in Dublin for Web Summit

Dublin Grand Canal on a Autumn Day

Dublin gets mixed reviews when it comes to being a startup hub. But this week we have, most likely for the last time, one of the worlds biggest tech conferences; Web Summit. Very few will argue with me when I say we do not have the best infrastructure in Dublin particularly when it comes to meeting and working remotely. So for all those visiting Summiters I have compiled a short list of good places to have a meeting if you want some privacy or to get away from the noise to work. They will not appear in any tourist guides, but I can guarantee, as a local, they are the best we have!

1. Basement of Clayton hotel

Okay, this sounds a bit dodgey, but it’s not! There is a lounge area and type of café as well as a bar in the basement of the hotel. Since it is close to the RDS, it will probably be wedged with Summit goers so it might not be the most inconspicuous. There is wifi of sorts available, fairly comfortable couches (spaced out for privacy) and has the added benefit of being open early to late as it is a hotel. Not the best but it is the closest.

Order: Not known for its food or drink so I can’t recommend anything but the booze or hot drinks.

Clayton Hotel Bar website

2. Bibi’s

This is a real hidden gem for anyone in Dublin, not just for Summit visitors. I can nearly guarantee privacy here as well as some of the best café food in Dublin. It is about a 10 minute taxi from the RDS and is open from 9am -4pm (ish). No need to be afraid of prying ears here. If you get a non rain day, take a walk or Dublin bike back along the canal, it is the best time of the year in Dublin (when it doesn’t rain).

Order: Pan fried chorizo & cheese toastie with a peanut butter brownie & coffee for dessert

Bibi’s website

3. Accents Coffee and Tea lounge

Not necessarily close to the RDS but extremely central if you are heading to the Night Summit later, this place is like a non alcoholic pub. It’s one of the few places open past 6pm that is not a bar, cinema or restaurant. It operates from 10am to 11pm most nights and is perfect for getting some work done on the laptop or having a meeting as it doesn’t draw a lunch crowd.

The basement area is the place to go and is like central perk without windows. Good wifi and comfy seats, there are board games and books if the laptop or meeting gets boring!

Order: Hot Chocolate (voted number 1 in Dublin) and cake of the day

Accents Website

4. Suesey Street

Just found this place last week myself. One of the latest additions to the Dublin restaurant scene, this is the place to go if you want to impress over a fancy lunch.

The monkfish was the best I have had in a long time, it is located just off Leeson street and is about a 8 minute taxi or 10 minutes on a Dublin bike from the RDS. Again lovely walk along the canal and you get to experience the Georgian townhouse that Dublin is famous for.

Probably not a place to sit on the laptop for the afternoon (opening hours wouldn’t allow it anyway) but great for a few drinks and an important meeting.

Order: Monkfish, Monkfish, Monkfish

Suesey’s website

5. Den Bar at the Lansdowne Hotel

A bit biased on this one as I worked here in a previous life in college. No doubt the hotel will be busy as it is close to Web Summit but the bar is not really that popular in Dublin. There are some great nooks & crannies here for a really private meeting over a pint. In particular, the snug at the end of the bar on the right just as you walk in or even better there is another very private snug away from the bar if you take a left after the stairs, left again and go into the corner.

There is wifi but last time I was there you had to pay for the privelage. Perfect spot to work on the laptop also and it’s really comfortable and a genuine Irish bar if you want the real experience. Haven’t eaten there in a while but the pub grub was always good.

Order: Pint of Guinness and a packet of Tayto.

Den Bar website

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